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Signs Your Commercial Building needs Re-Roofing

Your building's roof is the first line of defense against the elements so a damaged roof could cause a lot of costly issues. This could greatly effect your day to day business operations and eventually your bottom line. If you see signs of roof damage its important to contact an experienced roofing contractor right away to address the issue.

Watch for the following signs your commercial building needs a new roof

  1. Your utility costs have increased. If you notice your heating or cooling bills have changed it may be a good idea to schedule an inspection with a St. Louis Commercial Roofing Contractor.

  2. Loose or missing shingles and noticeable granule loss. These can be signs of hail and wind damage to your roof.

  3. Interior damage including water spots and sagging. These are signs of water damage from a leak in the roof. If not addressed quickly roof damage can lead to costly issues. It's important to contact a local commercial roofing expert to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

  4. The age of your building's roof is another sign it may need to be replaced. Usually roof systems older than 25 years need to be re-roofed to avoid future damage and possible deterioration.

Contact Atech Exteriors in Wentzville, Missouri today to receive a contactless free estimate for your commercial building. Call or text 636-459-9076.

Atech Exteriors is a local commercial roofing contractor serving the St. Charles County, MO area. Our service areas include St. Peters MO, O'Fallon MO, Wentzville MO, Troy MO, Wright City MO, Florissant MO, Warrenton MO, Hazelwood MO, Ballwin MO, Chesterfield MO.

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18 déc. 2021

This information must be known to all the homeowners so that they will come to know when to call the roof repair experts for re-roofing.

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